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Best Author

Best New Author

Best Beta

  • EllieRose101 (for thebronzeEF)
  • The Moonmoth (for Bewildered)

Best Fanfic Website

Best Angst

Best Angst - Spuffy

Best AU (Alternate Universe)

Best Characterization - Female

Best Characterization - Male

Best Comedy

Best Crossover (Book)

Best Crossover (Book) Pairing

Best Crossover (Movie)

Best Crossover (Movie) Pairing

  • w/Chronicles of Riddick, Wonderland AU by sparrowshellcat (Xander/Riddick) NC-17*
  • w/X-Men, Field Work by Thistlerose (Logan/Faith) Mature
  • w/X-Men, Showtime by Teland (Ethan Rayne/Kurt Wagner) Explicit*
  • w/X-Men, Butterfly Effect by Penknife (Giles/Ororo Munroe) Mature
  • w/X-Men, New In Town by LadyStark_Laufeyson2U (Willow/Kurt Wagner) Teen

Best Crossover (TV)

  • w/Dollhouse, Pieces of Mind by AliceInKinkland (Willow) G
  • w/Firefly, Haven in a heartless world by lunabee34 (Giles/Jayne Cobb) Teen
  • w/Gilmore Girls, Stars Hollow by EnergyBeing (Rory Gilmore/Xander Harris) FR15
  • w/Judging Amy, Custody by hermione2be (Willow, Gunn, Andrew, Amy, Bruce) PG-13
  • w/Once Upon a Time, Drinks by EllieRose101 (Buffy/Spike, Emma/Captain Hook) K+
  • w/Pushing Daisies, dust and pies by margottenenbaum (BtVS ensemble, Ned) PG
  • w/Stargate Atlantis, What Could Have Been by angelus2hot (Ronon Dex/Buffy) G
  • w/Supernatural, All I Want For Christmas by Skylar0Grace (Buffy/Dean Winchester) Teen
  • w/Supernatural, Back In Black by landrews (Buffy/Dean Winchester, Angel/Buffy) Mature

Best Crossover (TV) Pairing

Best Drama

Best Drama - Spuffy

Best Episode Re-write

Best Fluff

Best Gen Fic

Best NC-17

Best Original Character

Best Original Character Pairing

Best Pairing (Conventional)

Best Pairing (Conventional) - Spuffy

Best Pairing (Unconventional)

Best Plot

Best Post-Series Finale Fic

Best Quickie Fic

Best Romance

Best Series

Best Slash

Best Song Fic

Best Unfinished

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